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Home / ABOUT THE CLUB / Club Rules
Home / ABOUT THE CLUB / Club Rules

Club Rules

SSC is a self-help club which relies on its members to help maintain the facilities. We ask that, wherever possible, members join working parties and help with social events and galley duties.
The Clubhouse
We want members to enjoy using the clubhouse but we need your co-operation to ensure that it is a safe and tidy place:
1 Main doors to the Clubhouse are secured by combination locks. Members will be notified of the combination number with the Year Book. This number must not be given to non-members under any circumstances.
2 The Clubhouse must be keep locked at all times when not occupied. It must not be left open while people go afloat unless there are others who have undertaken to mount guard.
3 Access should be through the north-west door. The south door, facing the dinghy park, should only be used in dry weather and when there is no strong southerly wind. Access to the changing rooms should always be via the north-west door.
4 Wet clothing should be shed, where practicable, before entering the building. In any event it must not be taken anywhere other than the changing rooms via the north-west door. Damp or dirty sailing clothes must not be worn beyond the galley counter.
5 Changing Rooms are not to be used as dumping grounds or for storage of sailing impedimenta such as wet suits, socks, dirty or clean towels, rudders, river mud. Any such items will be removed and sold for Club funds.
6 Members may use the galley to prepare drinks and snacks, provided that it is left clean and tidy with everything washed and put away. All electrical equipment must be switched off after use. Under no circumstances may the galley or galley
equipment be used for cleaning boats, engines, wet suits, sails or any other items.
7 Any Club furniture taken outside must be returned by the person who took it out, or the last one to use it. It must not be left outside.
8 The last member to leave the Clubhouse, even if there is reason to believe that others may return later, must ensure that: the safes in the OOD office are locked, all lights and electrical appliances are off, all windows are closed and secured all doors, including outbuildings & containers, are locked.
The Dinghy Park
The Dinghy Park Supervisor and the Membership Secretary work closely together to make the dinghy park a safe and orderly area but we can only do that with your co-operation:-
9 All boats using Club facilities must have 3rd party insurance.
10 Spaces in the dinghy park will be allocated to members, on request, subject to availability. All boats must be in sailable condition and space may be denied to members whose boats do not meet this requirement.
11 Spaces in the dinghy park may not be occupied unless permission has been given by the Dinghy Park Supervisor, Membership Secretary or Rear Commodore. Members must inform the Membership Secretary of any changes to boat details (eg boats sold, new boats bought).
12 Boats must occupy their spaces by 1st July; otherwise the space may be forfeit. We also expect boats to be sailed during the season.

13 Boats not in their allocated space may be relocated or taken out of the dinghy park. Boats in their allocated spaces may also be moved by Club Officers if necessary. Whilst care will be taken, relocation will be done at the owner's risk.
14 All boats using Club facilities, except those of visitors, must have the boat's name and letters SSC on the outside. Boats must also display a current SSC sticker on the mast or transom where it can be seen, even when the boat is covered.
15 Road trailers must not be left in the dinghy park unless permission has been granted by the Dinghy Park Supervisor.
16 All boats must be securely tied down, especially in the winter.
17 The Club slipway is designed for dinghies and light boats only. Cars and heavy boats on trailers exceeding 400kg axle weight must not be taken onto the slip.
18 The space under the Clubhouse is not to be used by members for dumping or storage. Unauthorised items may be disposed of.
19 Dinghy park spaces are for tenders and sailing boats only. Tenders must be associated to a boat on a mooring. Tenders over 10 feet long will be charged at the same rate as a dinghy.
20 Club boats may only be used for Club events with permission of a Dinghy Instructor or Flag Officer and must be returned clean and securely tied down / locked.
... and finally, we expect members to cut the grass in and around their boat space and help to keep the dinghy park looking good throughout the season.
Temporary Members
21 Temporary membership is normally arranged through the Membership Secretary who will issue a permit. Members of the Management Committee may also grant temporary membership on completion of an application form which must be forwarded
to the Membership Secretary as soon as possible. Day launches are not permitted unless arranged in advance with the Membership Secretary.
22 Members must read and adhere to Club Safety, Incident and Risk Assessment Procedures.
23 Buoyancy aids must be worn on dinghies & tenders for all official Club activities.
24 Children joining Club training activities must be able to swim at least 25m.
25 For safety reasons children under the age of 14 must not be left unsupervised on the Club premises and young children are not permitted in the galley under any circumstances.
26 Animals are not allowed in the Clubhouse. However dogs are allowed in the grounds, so long as they are on a lead and attended by their owner, who will be held responsible for any damage to property or injury to person that the animal causes. The owner must clear up any mess the animal may make.
27 Members' guests and visitors are always welcome at SSC, but the following rules must be adhered to:
Guests must be signed in but may not visit the Club on more than four occasions in any one year.
Children under 18, other than members' own children who must be part of a family membership, may be signed in at will to encourage young people to participate in the sport.
Guests wishing to visit the Club more than 4 times must take out Temporary Membership or, in the case of a partner, join as a family member.
Partners who sail occasionally and wish to join in the social events would be expected to join as family members.
Parents/guardians of sponsored juniors at YOTAS should be signed in by the SI in charge to attend with said junior for the duration of the course on training evenings.

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