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Tides Sep 18

HW - 08:20 21:50
LW - 02:10 15:20

Sunrise- 06:31
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Item Date Details
Dinghys for sale   2 dinghys for sale by Chris Allan, see sales and wants.
Autumn Series3 Sun 14th Sept

Autumn series 3.
Eight boats out in a windy choppy river, with the added excitement of negotiating a fleet of Fevas from AYC on their way to brickdock.
1st David Pegg, Laser radial
2nd Mike Rowe, Laser radial
3rd Will Webb, Laser radial
Thanks to Karen Pegg and Clare Smith for carrying out the OOD duties. AD

Autumn Series 2 Sun 7th Sept 5 boats took part in very light winds
1st David Pegg in Sooty ( Wayfarer)
2nd Will Webb in ( Laser Radial)
3rd David Ashton in Quackers ( Feva XL)
Twilight Race Weds 3rd Sept A good turnout in a F3 breeze.
1st-Bridget Chadwick and Becky Smith in Pegasus, Laser 2000
2nd-Luke Cousins in Oceanwalker, Laser Radial
3rd-Dave Abbott in Slarti, Phantom....
The race was followed by a lovely sausage supper cooked by Leslie and Karen Pegg, and possibly Claire? Lovely sausages, supplied by Gerard
Autumn series - race 1 Sun 31st Aug

Seven dinghies competeing.
1st - Mike Rowe and Luke Cousins in Obi, Laser Stratos
2nd - Bridget and crew? In Pegasus, Laser 2000
3rd - Will Webb in nameless Laser Radial.

Newsletter   Any articles or reports for the next newsletter?
Please forward to Penelope,
Barts Bash Sun 21st Sept

Please come & support the biggest sailing race in the world- BARTS BASH 11AM ON SUNDAY 21 SEPTEMBER. There will be several starts-from the South Line (South of AYC) the last for the slower boats & those feeling a bit apprehensive !- so don't worry, this is a fund raising race to raise money for the Andrew Simpson Foundation and should be fun. and it is aiming to get into the Guinness Records Although entries will be made on the day we would like a rough idea of numbers , so please let me know if you think you will be sailing Afterwards AYC are opening their Bar to us all and hopefully will be selling filled jacket potatoes Lets show what SSC can do- as many sailors as possible and make it a great day. Thanks Leslie.

leslie.downing@btinternet.com or 01728 833599  

AYC Regatta  

This year ten SSC members entered the AYC Regatta in August.Two pairs in the Juniors ; Jordan Samuels and George Simpson in a Feva and Finnian and Chesca Anderson in a Feva. They all did very well in extremely windy conditions. And in the Seniors,Adam Davies- Brown and Peter Samuels in a Wayfarer, Will Webb and Lizzie Clark in Lasers, Jessica Palin in a Comet and Leslie Downing in a Shrimper. They all did really well to compete in such testing conditions. Our commodore, Jessica, won her class .

AYC Laser racing  

AYC are very keen to increase the number of people racing in their Laser fleet. At present they get up to 6 boats racing on Saturday afternoons and have invited SSC Laser sailors to join them.

The Laser fleet race in the Handicap B series, on Saturday afternoons; the class flag for this is NP3 – a triangle with red, white and blue vertical stripes.

The final race of the Summer series is this Saturday at 2.25pm.
The Autumn series starts on Saturday 13th September and runs to 18th October. The races are at 2.20pm. There is a further series running up to December. The AYC racing committee ask that we let the their OOD know if we are racing.

Let me know if you want anymore information, Will Webb

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