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Aldeburgh council sports week Thu 7th Aug
21 children descended upon Slaughden Sailing Club for a sail.  This was part of the Aldeburgh Town Council Sports Week- who offered sports sessions  every afternoon for a week to local children.  Sailing was the most popular and even with this number there was a waiting list of 6
John Giles & Nick Hubbard acted as ground crew, Ted Draper in the Safety Boat, and Allen Carr, Di Munro , Jessica Palin & myself took the children out in twos & threes- we were very lucky with the F 2-3 wind and even some sunshine and plenty of mud to return at the bottom of the tide when they all helped pull the Wayfarers up and most had to be hosed down by John at the top of the slip. They then had tea (provided by the Council) on the lawn when they all proclaimed that it was super --- and I have an even longer list of applicants for YOTAS for next year
Thanks to all the helpers-- I think we all enjoyed it
Presidents Cup Series race 5 Thu 7th Aug A fantastic turnout of twelve dinghies in a F3 Northerly breeze. Eleven completed the course set by Will Webb OOD.
This comprised of a long run down to Pump, tide assisted beat back up to Elbow, then Chapmans, then Martello and West Row.

1st Dave and Karen Pegg in Sooty - Wayfarer...
2nd Bridget Chadwick and Chris Best in Pegasus - Laser 2000
3rd Sue Lock in Laser Radial
4th Jordan and George Simpson in RS Feva
Support Boat - Di Munro and Leslie Downing
Ladies and Novices Race Weds 6th aug

Five dinghies competed in a F2/3 SW breeze. Four competitors were novices, George Simpson and Jordan in the Feva, Kerry Walshaw and Nigel Edge, single handed, in Toppers. All managed to pick their way safely through the throng of AYC boats. A great course set by Maurice Brown, with Betty on flags, Martin Milloy and Luke Cousins in the support boat.

First Novice - George Simpson and Jordan in a Feva
First Lady - Di Munro and Leslie Downing in Foss, Miracle

Dove point picnic Sun 3rd Aug

7 dinghies and a Shrimper took part in the race to Dove Point in a crashing Force 4 with gusts of Force 6. tough Beat all the way there which took some almost 2 hours of very hard work to complete. A great picnic was taken by Bydand for all to enjoy. The return journey was very swift and greatfun

1st Peter Samuels and Adam Davies-Brown in Blue John, Wayfarer
2nd Will Webb in his Laser Radial
3rd Jessica Palin in Buzz , Comet

Well done to George Simpson and Jordan Samuels who finished 5th in their Feva . A very tough and commendable first race!!!!

Thank you to Paul and Eric for sterling safety boat work and the start line, to  Penny and Dawn for the finish line ,to Rob and Paul for taking the picnic to Dove Point, and to all who helped with providing food and making  a great day.

OOD Lizzie and Stanley Clark

Adult & junior training (YOTAS) concluded this week- the adults had a superb weekend with a sail picnic to Brick Dock & return through the Creeks, followed by a force 5 Wayfarer sail to finish on the Monday.  YOTAS had a beautiful sunny if rather windy afternoon on T uesday with the older children flying around in Fevas and Joel's laser 2: the younger ones had very brisk Topper sailing which they handled well with on water ball games, and some rowing followed by icecream with milk flakes and presentation of certificates
Results: Adults --Level 1_ Caryl Dane  Level 2-  Katie Bannister, Lizzie Bell, Nigel Edge, Sam Hanks, John Staff & Kerry Walsher
                YOTAS Stage 1-- Hector Edge, Malo Main-Vincent & Richard Stevens.  Stage 2 --Faye Allen, Aonghus Anderson, Maya Fisher, Nathan Little &  Jordan Samuels  Stage 3-- Cesca Anderson, Josiah Brown & George Simpson   Well done everyone.
A big thank you to all the safety boat drivers and helpers as well as the instructors. it was great to have the ex-YOTAS helping and a special mention to Joel Wood for this  who helped everTuesday
Barts Bash Sun 21st Sep

Bart’s Bash-  the largest Sailing event in the World

On May 9th 2013 Andrew Simpson, Olympic gold and silver medallist and America’s cup sailor, tragically died in a training accident in San Francisco Bay whilst preparing for the America’s Cup competition.  The shock across the sailing world at loosing such a great and selfless man was great.
A charity in memory of Andrew, the “ Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation” was set up by Sir Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy OBE, and Andrew’s wife Leah, to honour his life and legacy, help and inspire the next generation through the use of sailing and help them develop the skills needed to succeed in life and improve access to jobs and careers within the maritime sector.
As many people offered support  the Bart project developed – to set a new Guinness World record for the largest sailing race in the World—to hold a massive sailing event which would be fun and an inspiration across the UK and promote awareness of the Foundation.  The Trustees of this foundation gave the idea 100% support and the race was on-  for September 21st. Hundreds of clubs and boats have already signed up, now global, from Iceland to Europe and the US , from clubs as auspicious at the Clipper race Yacht Club to tiny sailing clubs around Britain.
SO, Aldeburgh Yacht Club and Slaughden Sailing Clubhave both signed up to this and are combining their races on Sunday September 20st at 11 am and are working to get as many of their members racing as they can, from large cruisers to tiny Optimist dinghies. The start line with be just north of the Martello Tower (south of the Aldeburgh Yacht Club) and will be run to the necessarily strict guidelines to partake in the Guinness Record attempt.
We would all appreciate an audience to cheer us on and support the Foundation- please come along.

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